CALPAK Kaya Backpack

Graduate school 101: Get yourself a cute laptop backpack.

I have a really hard time settling when it comes to backpacks. When I started my MPH program I decided to use my Long champ tote I had lying around, but then I realized I carry one too many things and my laptop was a little heavy. 

I came across multiple CALPAK ad's on my instagram and thought to myself, 'Yeah it's cute, but for school?' 

I felt like the backpack wouldn't be adequate for a student in a master's program but given that I don't have a case on my laptop, I figured this would be a suitable backpack. In addition, CALPAK is know for having good quality/ sturdy products that are meant for travel- and well I like to travel? so i'd be able to use it for traveling as well.

I ordered the Kaya- Blush Laptop Backpack

I LOVE IT- and safe to say I might be the most stylish MPH student at UCLA with this backpack.

I have received so many compliments on the backpack, I regret not buying it sooner! 

Sincerely, Maci