Weekend stop: New York, New York. 

This year I promised myself I would travel more. I believe that traveling is the best investment one can make. Going abroad last year for three months was just what I needed to push me out into the world and explore. Hence, this year my New Year's resolution was to live with no excuses and travel with no regrets. After all the only trip you will regret is the one you did not take. 

First trip of the year was the city that never sleeps, LITERALLY when traveling only on two hours of sleep. New York is a magical city. It reminds me of Los Angeles but with a little spark of magic. I must admit for those heading to New York for the first time be prepared to walk a lot and get lost in the metro. But there is no fun without an adventure, and for us Angelino's public transportation is nothing like the 405, so be prepared for an adventure. 

This weekend I decided to explore New York by walking from Midtown to Downtown Manhattan. I enjoyed my Saturday morning stroll by walking through Chelsea, SoHo, Wall Street, making my way to the Brooklyn Bridge and to Battery Park. I was walking through the 30 degree weather drinking my Matcha Latte from MachaBar. I continued walking and grabbed some macaroons from Laduree. I stopped by flower shops and read through the New York Times. I wanted to explore and be a New Yorker for a day. 

But of course, New York is so large one is never done exploring. Later in the evening, I went to Times Square and walked to the winter carnival in Bryant Park and of course to see the big apple from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building at night.

Sunday morning the sun came out meaning it was a perfect day to Brunch in NYC. I couldn't leave New York without brunching on a Sunday. I also went to the Rockefeller Center to see the amazing view of Manhattan during the day, walked through fifth avenue and made my way to Central Park. 

One will never be done exploring New York, but it is always a good idea. Here is my advice for first timer's:

New York Weekend Travel Guide: 

Brunch & Lunch:

Blue Dog Cafe. 

Artichoke Pizza. 

Shake Shack (because its a NY thing).

Tourist things to do: 

Statue of Liberty/ Ellis Island. 

 Battery Park.

World Trade Center & 911 Memorial/ Museum. 

Brooklyn Bridge. 

*Get lost and explore your way to midtown. Grab some Pizza from Artichoke and stop by SoHo* 

 Visit the Empire State building at NIGHT. 

* Wake up and go for a walk. Grab some coffee and a New York bagel. EXPLORE the city*

 Rockefeller Center during the DAY. 

Fifth Avenue (Shopping). 

 Central Park. 

LOVE sign. 

Times Square. 


New York, XOXO.