Hong Kong.

Summer 2018 couldn't have started any better than with my first year of graduate school complete and my very first trip to Asia.

First Stop in my Asian Summer was Hong Kong.

After 10+ hours of travel and a 15 hour time difference the first thing I wanted to do was take a nap. But, it was only 6:30PM on a Sunday, so I went on a hunt for vegetarian food and my first official meal in Hong Kong was Strawberry Oreos. Yes. Strawberry Oreos. I realized Hong Kong was not veggie friendly - oh and the language barrier was harder than I anticipated, therefore my means of communication only got me to 7/11 where I found the best Oreos I have ever tasted. LOL

Hong Kong: the city of lights.

As I walked around the city, I was amazed by the architecture, the tall apartments, the crowded streets with food vendors, the traffic, and the lights.

My Trip to Hong Kong:

Hong Kong Island 

Man Mo Temple

Times Square  

Victoria Peak 

Lantau Island: The cable car ride was so much fun!! The views were amazing!! 

Tian Tan Buddha

Symphony of Lights  

Day trip to Macau