Seoul, Korea.

Korea: Where fashion meets K-Pop. Seriously. Everyone is all about fashion and K-Pop is playing everywhere! I was really excited about Korea because we were staying in the middle of the city, surrounded by shopping centers and good food.

My family was mostly excited about all the Korean BBQ (beware, it is NOT all you can eat). But being vegetarian meant I was eating lots of bibimbap and kimchi, and plenty of sweet pastries in cute coffee shops (and I was not mad about it).

One of the most anticipated things on my family’s itinerary was the DMZ/JSA. Although I signed my life away (LITERALLY - we had to sign a contract) it was definitely a neat experience to be able to say I stepped foot in “North Korea”. A little scary, but well worth it. They have strict rules and dress codes. This was a guided tour because one cannot go alone.

10/10 recommend.


SHOPPING … K- Pop everywhere !! 


— Visit 'North Korea' for 5 min  

Gangnam District 

N Seoul Tower

Lust Coffee (MATCHA & Pastries)

Street FOOD! 

Strawberry Oreos!!

& More shopping... because DAISO is 8 floors...