Tokyo, Japan.

Last stop of my Asian Summer was Tokyo, Japan.

Japan was everything I expected and more, which is why I will go back one day and explore more than just Tokyo. Four days was not enough in the city of lights.

Harajuku was probably my favorite place in Tokyo, it was seriously the Melrose of Japan, only vintage. It is adorned with a charming sense of whimsy.

I felt like Tokyo was the one place I was able to get around and not feel lost. Or maybe because it was the last stop of my trip, regardless I truly enjoyed this city. I definitely got a New Yorker vibe with the subways (only clean), an Angelino vibe with all the shopping and cafes, and the weather was worse than Texas (SUPER HOT & HUMID).

Tokyo to do //

I loved everything about Harajuku:

Vintage shopping

Unique finds

Coffee shops

Harajuku is basically Melrose in Japan but vintage

Walk from Harajuku to Shibuya Crossing (busiest intersection in the world) 

Hachiko Statue 

Cup Noodle Museum 

Mario Kart Tour (@ night time)

Roppongi District 

Sushi AKA 'Veggie Rolls' since I am vegetarian 


Tokyo Skytree 

Tokyo Tower 


Abura Soba Shinjuku

P.S. Get lost and explore.